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Book Kernel and RIFT working together in 2015

After their successful Shakespeare in Shoreditch festival and the Book Kernel publication that helped to launch it, RIFT theatre company have signed a further three book deal with Book Kernel.

The text of these books will be Annie’s 1000 Plays - a series of short plays written by the Shakespeare in Shoreditch festival’s writer-in-residence, Annie Jenkins. Taking the term literally, the RIFT team had Annie sit in a shed in the RIFT HQ and write out the plays as the festival was going on.

Book Kernel is honoured to produce these books over the course of 2015.

Book Kernel Put Simply

Prompted by a conversation on Twitter, I’ve set myself the task of explaining exactly what we at Book Kernel do but in the simplest terms possible.

When on the inside of something this is never easy but I took a long walk today and thought it over. Wish me luck because here goes.

We make books from a live experience and get them to you before that experience has ended.

We can reprint them for you too.

That is as succinct as I can put it at the moment and here’s the explanation: there’s much more to Book Kernel than simple event-based printing; we want to enable all writers, readers, and editors to make more books of anything and everything at anytime; that latter part’s just harder to explain.

Introducing Book Kernel

It’s called Book Kernal. When it’s completely finished, we feel it will bring e-publishing and multi-media production back to the authors and audiences.

How? Well, using social media, a smartphone or tablet computer, Book Kernel will enable you to collect, collaborate, and comment on a wide range of creative material in real-time.

Then, after you’ve compiled all you want about a particular subject or event, the software will also allow you to publish a printed a memento, capturing a more conventional, tangible “time capsule” of  the event.